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 Forum Tutorial / FAQ
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Author Topic: Forum Tutorial / FAQ  (Read 7136 times)
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Forum Tutorial / FAQ
« Posted: July 18, 2007, 03:29:34 PM »


I thought of making this topic to explain the various features of the community. First we will start of with the basics and then go on to the cooler features of the community Smiley

Note that you will have to be logged in to access all sections and reply/post topics. Login using the login box above. If you do not have an account then register here

You can learn about the basic structure of the forums by clicking on the help button in the toolbar above. Basically after logging in you will see buttons to reply/create new topic/poll. 

Community Guidelines/Signature Rules here -

Uploading Images Tutorial -

Here are some of the new features -


Everyone is requested to fill their profile. For filling your profile click on profile button on the bar and then click on 'Forum Profile Information'

After filling in the fields, be sure to click on 'Change Profile' button at the end to save your profile!

Quick Edit

The new forum has a feature for editing posts without refreshing the page! This makes editing posts much faster and easier. This is possible due to AJAX.

Encircled in red in the picture below is the quick edit button. When you click on it a textbox will come up right there and you can edit your post and click save and the modifications will be visible immediately, all this without refreshing the page Smiley

You can also email the topic to a friend by clicking on 'SEND THIS TOPIC' in the topic toolbar (as seen above).

If you want to edit the old way then just click on the modify button on top right of your post.


Member Levels-

Member levels increase by post count. Listed below are the member levels-

Title             Required Posts
Noob                0
Newbie                  1
Jr. Member         50
Full Member         100
Adv. Member        250
Elite Member         500
Super Elite Member     1000
TWI Trailblazer      2000
TWI Addict         4000
TWI Trendsetter    8000
TWI Hero         10000

Now we will look at some FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) What is karma? How does it change?

Karma basically shows how many people thought positively about your posts. Your karma is shown below your nickname/avatar. If someone clicks on [positive] then your karma is increased by 1 point and if someone clicks on [negative] then it is decreased by 1 point. Please use it to appreciate good posters. You can change other people's karma by clicking on positive or negative below their karma display. (Note that you cannot change your own karma) There are some restrictions on post count before you can give karma and time interval between giving karma to avoid misuse.

You need a minimum of 25 posts to change karma of others.

2) How do I change my display name?

By default your display name is first & last name as you entered during registrations. To change it go to profiles by clicking on "Profile" on the top toolbar.

Then go to "Account Related Settings" under the heading "Modify Profile".

Refer to the first picture. It is the last option under modify profile.

Change your name and click on the button "change profile" below and your done!

3) How do I change my password/email address?

Go to your profile (by clicking on "Profile" on the top toolbar) then to "Account related settings"

Over there you can change your password and email address and the click change profile button to apply them.

4) How do I put up an avatar/signature/set birthdate

Go to "Forum Profile Information" below  "Account Related Settings" under the heading "Modify Profile" and do the neccessary changes! Main thing is to click "change profile" at the bottom when your done.

Note that you can also change other settings under the various headings, do check out all the options!

5) How to enable Quick Reply

Quick Reply is a nifty tool with which you can reply on the thread itself. It shows up after the last post on that page. If it is disabled enable it under "Look and layout Preferences" in Profile. Change "Use quick reply on topic display" to show, on by default.

6) How do I easily Private Message Members

There are multiple ways to private message people.
1) You can click on the  icon on every users post.
2) The easiest and direct way is to click on the online/offline status indicator round button.
3) Alternatively click on 'My Messages' in the toolbar.

7) How do I send a topic to a friend.

Click on 'Send this Topic' button in the topic toolbar. Refer to the quick edit image above.

Cool How do I put images on the forum

Check out the thread I made for this here -

I hope all of you found this small tutorial helpful. Do ask me any questions you may have Smiley




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