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 Add More Pizzazz To Your Ad For More Profits
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Author Topic: Add More Pizzazz To Your Ad For More Profits  (Read 841 times)
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Add More Pizzazz To Your Ad For More Profits
« Posted: July 17, 2007, 01:42:11 PM »

Add More Pizzazz To Your Ad For More Profits

I recently completed a Marketing Makeover for an Adthat wasn't generating results for the owner of a Piano Tuning Business.

Here is the original ad:


A well tuned and adjusted piano is a beautiful instrument.
It is a joy to play and listen to.
Each string is raised slightly and then lowered
to the true pitch for the most stable tuning.
Yes, it is a better piano:
because it is well maintained, it will last longer, and
its value will actually increase.

For a better tuning please call:
Ray Meinhardt, Piano Technician

Although the heading was centered and bold, it wasn't an effective headline because it didn't catch the attention ofthe target market.

Regardless of how small your Ad is, it still must answer"What's In It For Me?" for your target market.In order to answer that question you must know howyour service can solve their problem.

For our Piano Tuner, his target market is dealingwith the following problems:

1. They have invested a lot of money into their pianoand they want to keep it well maintained.

2. They use their piano for entertaining guests,and if it isn't properly tuned the resulting musicwill be embarrassing to them.

3. They want to get the most out of their investment,and feel that properly tuned pianos play better music.This also satisfies their need to have the best.

4. They want to increase the value of their investment.

Since the goal of the Ad is to generate response fromprospects currently in need of a Piano Tuner,the Marketing Makeover is focused on catching their attention and getting them to call.

Here is the Ad Marketing Makeover:

"My Friends All Laughed When I Sat Down At My
Piano - Expecting To Hear Embarrassing Off Key Sounds...
But When I Began To Play, They Were Mesmerized
By The Beautiful Music"

Tune your embarrassing off keys into beautiful music
today by calling Ray Meinhardt, Piano Technician
at (218) 631-3451

Mention this Ad and receive our
FREE Perfect Melody Piano Package!
(includes a Precision Tune Piano Analysis)

The headline in the new Ad will still be bold and centered, but it now answers "What's In It For Me?" for prospects suffering from the embarrassment of an off key piano.

The new Ad now features an offer designed togenerate greater response from prospects.

The Perfect Melody Piano Package will consistof marketing materials designed to positionour Piano Tuner as an expert, and the only solution to the problems faced by his target market.

The Piano Analysis is the most important component of the package because it will get him in front of his prospects who have raised their hands and indicateda need for his services.

To convert more leads into sales, he can offer a special limited timeintroductory offer to prospects after completing the Piano Analysis.

Now that the Ad has a compelling headline and offer,it needs to be placed in publications read by piano owners.If placed in several publications at the same time, the results can be tracked by placing a special code at the bottom of the Ad for each publication.

Then the Ad can be removed from publications that are not producing results, and ran more frequently inpublications that are producing results.

Once you have a winning Ad, get more mileage from itby using the marketing message in Flyers and Postcards,and other marketing materials.

When your Ad is on a winning streak it will not onlypay for itself many times over, but it will also produce more profits so you can grow your business.

Copyright 2005 Black Unicorn Communications, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

Black Unicorn Communications helps Service Businessesattract more clients in less time.

Visit http://www.blackunicorninc.comto receive our free Business Success Toolkitincluding the free course: 7 Steps To More Clients.


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