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 25 Creative Ways You Can Recycle Your Old Furniture
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Author Topic: 25 Creative Ways You Can Recycle Your Old Furniture  (Read 1044 times)
jeevan rathore
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25 Creative Ways You Can Recycle Your Old Furniture
« Posted: October 23, 2019, 11:10:14 AM »

Like everything else, with time – furniture breaks down, but before you throw it away, consider recycling it. The easiest way to recycle old furniture is to turn it into a piece of your garden. If you’re not sure how, let these 25 fantastic examples serve as inspiration.

1. Breathe life into an old typewriter

2. Old Dressers can be turned to charming planters

3. Why not add some color and flair?

4. Vintage washing machines add a unique look

5. Mail you'll always be happy to get

6. An old bike - A new garden

7. Recycle your BBQ

8. A bathtub can become an outdoor coffee table

9. Or just a great big flower pot...

10. A true flower bed

11. An outdoor bedroom

12. A "growing" bed

13. A perfect spot to lie down and read

14. Or a place to dream...

15. A broken cello becomes a beautiful piece

16. From piano to planter

17. Or how about a flowing musical fountain?

18. These Narcissus have the best seat in the house

19. Autumn benches

20. A succulent seat

21. A flower bench

22. A creeping chair

23. A fairy playground

24. A bona fide birdhouse

25. A green tea party


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