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1  THE TECHNO CLUB [ TECHNOWORLDINC.COM ] / Techno News / Panasonic Toughpad Tablets Sent into Space…and survive! on: January 06, 2017, 08:05:56 PM
In full working order after flying 34,000 metres into near space, experiencing temperatures of -67 Celsius and plunging back to earth at over 250 miles per hour

BRACKNELL, UK. 6th January 2017 - Panasonic Toughpad rugged tablet and handheld devices are renowned for their durability but in the most extreme test to date two devices have survived being sent into space. Hanging from a meteorological balloon and surrounded by cameras to film the journey, the Toughpad FZ-N1 handheld and FZ-G1 tablet were sent up over 34,000 metres to near space on two separate flights. The devices survived temperatures of -67 Celsius before the balloon exploded and they plunged back to earth at speeds in excess of 250 miles per hour.

“We know our devices are tough but even our technical experts were not sure if the Toughpad tablets would survive this extreme test,” said Jon Tucker, European Product Manager, at Panasonic Computer Product Solutions. “But they reached near space, 3 times the normal flying height of a jet and well above the Armstrong line, where humans cannot survive without pressurised suits, and then the fall to earth. Apart from a couple of knocks and scratches both devices were in perfect working order and were still recording.”

The Panasonic Toughpad devices were launched by Dr Chris Rose and Dr Alex Baker from Sentintospace. The firm specialises in sending and filming objects in near space and has also sent the Specsavers bear for an out of this world advertising campaign and a portable television for a Kelvin Jones music video. The team prepares the balloon and payload, calculates the flight path, liaises with the Civil Aviation Authority for clearance and then tracks and recovers the payload when it falls back to earth.

“Sending the Toughpad tablets into near space was our biggest challenge yet,” said Chris. “When the balloon explodes, the payload plummets back to earth creating some spectacular footage. I didn’t believe for a moment that they would survive the extreme conditions of near space. These devices certainly live up to their reputation.”

Panasonic Toughbook notebooks and Toughpad tablets and handheld devices are designed to help mobile workers improve productivity wherever they have to operate. In order to operate in harsh environments, the fully rugged devices are shock, drop and vibration tested and designed to withstand water, dust and extreme temperatures. They are used across a range of different industries and services including the military, emergency services, logistics, retail, utilities and transportation.

To see the Panasonic Toughpad devices on their near space journey, visit:
2  THE TECHNO CLUB [ TECHNOWORLDINC.COM ] / Techno News / VR Industry Forum Formed to Boost Adoption of VR Services on: January 05, 2017, 06:22:48 PM
28 major companies collaborate to promote the adoption and end-to-end interoperability of VR across key media and entertainment sectors

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - January 5th 2017 - At CES in Las Vegas today, 28 companies announced the Virtual Reality Industry Forum, Inc. (VRIF), a not-for-profit company with its purpose stated as, “To further the widespread availability of high-quality audiovisual VR experiences, for the benefit of consumers.” The Founding Members of VRIF are Akamai Technologies, ARRIS International plc, b<>com, Baylor University, CableLabs, Cinova Media, Dolby Laboratories, DTG, DTS, EBU, Ericsson, Fraunhofer, Harmonic, Huawei, Intel, Irdeto, Ittiam, MovieLabs, NABPILOT, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Technicolor, TNO, Sky, Sony Pictures, Vantrix, Verizon, Viaccess-Orca and Orah.

The Forum has grown out of a series of informal meetings, initiated by the DTG, and held over the past 12 months, which involved over 200 people from a large group of companies. The group discussed how to advocate consensus around industry standards for the creation of an interoperable, end-to-end ecosystem presenting high-quality audio-visual VR services. These are services where users can experience audiovisual content, live or on-demand, through VR headsets but also on traditional “2D devices” such as tablets.

“We hope to ensure that the VR industry avoids the fragmentation of standards and formats that has plagued audio-visual media in the past,” said David Price, Vice President, Business Development at Ericsson. “We expect that many of those involved in the original informal discussions will join VRIF shortly.”

Chris Johns, Chief Engineer, Broadcast Strategy at Sky, said: “VRIF will seek to establish best practices to ensure a high-quality user experience, and we believe this is crucial for the market to take off. We all expect that 2017 will be the year when intense consumer interest in VR spurs a quantum leap in the user experience.”

The goals of VRIF include:

• Advocating voluntary industry consensus around common technical standards for the end-to-end VR ecosystem, from creation to delivery and consumption
• Advocating the creation and adoption of interoperable standards (VRIF will not develop standards itself); promoting the use of common profiles across the industry, and promoting and demonstrating interoperability
• Developing voluntary guidelines that describe best practices, to ensure high quality VR experiences
• Describing and promoting the use of VR services and applications

VRIF is open to all parties that support its purpose, and is complementary to other industry organizations in that it will focus on the end-to-end ecosystem for media and entertainment VR.

Membership and further information can be found at the website at

3  THE TECHNO CLUB [ TECHNOWORLDINC.COM ] / Techno News / Newly Certified Products on Show at CES 2017 on: January 05, 2017, 04:19:05 PM
HomeGrid Forum members demonstrate how the rate of certifications are accelerating as market demand expands

CES 2017, Las Vegas, Nevada. 5 January 2017

News highlights:
  • Major breakthroughs will be demonstrated at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas.
  • Marvell showcases Wave 2 powerline technology, which both ARRIS and CIG have recently certified to achieve the HomeGrid Forum logo on their products. Wave 2 powerline technology provides a higher performance backbone network for whole home coverage for the ultra-peak broadband experience.

Many product breakthroughs, some of which have been certified in the last 12 months as part of a greatly successful year for the technology, are on showcase today at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. HomeGrid Forum and its Accredited Test House (ATH), Allion Labs, recently announced they have successfully certified 19 Gigabit-capable products to date, and the number is set to grow at an even faster rate in 2017 because of its future-proof and versatile characteristics.

Marvell’s latest 88LX5152 chip will be exhibited at the show. The chip is the first product to implement the full ITU-T specification with MIMO support and up to 80 MHz. This product delivers a two to three times faster performance than legacy powerline products, and is designed to increase the range and throughput of next-generation 802.11ac or 802.11ad Wi-Fi extenders and other consumer networking products. By mixing and matching wireless and wireline networking to fit individual consumers’ needs through Wave-2 Powerline, OTT services can be delivered at faster speeds that won’t create a bandwidth block or compromise the quality of experience for the consumer.

With 4K OTT adoption expected to rise to 189 million global users by 2021, consumers are placing ever-growing demands on network throughput. is the number one technology to fulfil the needs for an in-home ultra-broadband experience, by extending Wi-Fi coverage and performance throughout the home and creating a true hybrid network over any of the available mediums.

“At HomeGrid Forum we are thrilled that the industry is recognizing and supporting the strength and growth of as it transforms the way entertainment is delivered over the home network,” commented Donna Yasay, HomeGrid Forum President. “While is just at the beginning of its journey and rapidly gaining momentum, other technologies are inevitably falling short and will likely depart from the industry. CES 2017 is a great platform to continue to champion the capabilities and benefits of to attendees from around the world.”

Marvell will be demonstrating solutions at the Marvell Suite, Venetian Meeting Rooms, Level 3, Murano 3304.

Full details of all certified products are available on the HomeGrid Forum website at:
4  THE TECHNO CLUB [ TECHNOWORLDINC.COM ] / Techno News / Music retailer, HMV, invests for the future installing IGEL thin client... on: January 04, 2017, 07:50:43 PM
Music retailer, HMV, invests for the future installing IGEL thin client terminals as part of a comprehensive company-wide IT infrastructure upgrade

…Thin clients deliver electricity savings store-wide of £45k over three years…

Reading UK. Jan 4, 2017 – IGEL, a world leader in the delivery of powerful workspace management software, IGEL™ Linux-powered thin clients, zero clients and all-in-one thin client solutions, today announced that the UK’s largest [physical] music retailer, HMV Retail Limited, has completed a project to install 760 new Universal Desktop 2 (UD2) terminals throughout its 129 stores and warehouses in the UK.

This is part of a wider programme to refresh and upgrade IT infrastructure throughout the business, save money and invest for the future after the company exited administration. HMV was purchased by Hilco Capital in 2013.

HMV is a specialist retailer of music, film, games and technology products. Employing 2,500 staff, it has a turnover today of over £400 million and offers a wide selection of new release and catalogue items. HMV – which stands for His Master’s Voice - has a rich heritage dating back 95 years when the first store opened in London by the celebrated British composer and conductor, Sir Edward Elgar.

Getting more for less
HMV has undertaken a comprehensive IT investment programme since 2013 that will bring its IT infrastructure up-to-date, reduce IT expenditure and support commercial growth. Various initiatives are underway in parallel to achieve this:

• HMV is moving a number of services to a new datacentre provider, shifting to a hybrid cloud-based solution. The third party will host its core HR, loyalty card and desktop delivery environments.
• HMV is upgrading to a more modern VDI Citrix environment installing XenDesktop 7.6 and installing new faster servers. The new Citrix platform also means HMV is able to further adopt virtualization to reduce its physical estate. The number of servers will drop from 50 to six.
• HMV has introduced a new electronic point of sale system for staff in store replacing old IBM 4690 tills with a point-to-point encrypted solution from WorldPay. 

Derek Walklate, HMV’s service delivery manager, says, “Our IT investment shows that HMV is committed to supporting our business by replacing old equipment which is out of support and costly to maintain. The business is keen to leverage cost saving opportunities through using cloud-based solutions. New IT means we not only get the latest and fastest technology but have the potential to save money through our new Citrix farm and server virtualization as well as getting rid of end of life equipment which has excessive maintenance charges.”

As part of the Citrix upgrade, HMV had to replace all its ageing desktop thin client terminals which were over 15 years old and not compatible with the new software. HMV bought 800 UD2 terminals supplied by IGEL reseller, Trust Systems, of which 760 have been installed in stores - the remainder kept for backup and other purposes.  In addition, new keyboards, mice and 21.5-inch monitors have been purchased resulting in a wholesale desktop refresh throughout HMV’s store estate.

Staff use the IGEL UD2 terminals to access standard Microsoft Windows applications via Citrix and an in-house developed stock management solution called Track Systems. This lists every product sold and tracks sales, items which need re-ordering while providing a variety of analytic and reporting features.

HMV did a comprehensive market review and carried out an in-house trial reviewing other traditional thin client vendors as well as suppliers of Chromebooks. 

Walklate says, “IGEL was selected because of a recommendation from Trust Systems, one of our key IT partners, lower software licensing costs and our internal team liked its Universal Management Suite (UMS) which is far simpler to use compared to others. Using a central console, the UMS allows remote administration of IGEL devices over our network which is important given stores are located from Cornwall to Inverness and beyond.”

The roll out of IGEL UD2 units by Trust Systems was carried out based on where engineers were located and clusters of shops. Typically, two stores per engineer were upgraded each day.

Considerable total cost of ownership benefits
IGEL UD2 terminals are super power efficient using 5 watts of power per hour compared to other devices which consume as much as 45. Nick Potts, managing director, Trust Systems, says, “When we reviewed products for HMV, our analysis showed that that they could save more than £45k on electricity over a three year period using IGEL UD2 terminals versus product from another well known competitor[1].”

Simon Richards, Managing Director for IGEL South & Western Europe, says, “With the Citrix upgrade and new IGEL desktops, HMV now has a modern, fast and response system for all store and warehouse staff which obviously helps them do their jobs more efficiently with obvious benefits for customer service. IGEL devices play a part in this as they are easy to use and simple for HMV’s IT team to manage.”

[1]Based on an industry average of 0.14p per kWh and devices ‘on’ for 10 hours per day. An IGEL UD2 terminal consumes 5 watts per hour. Cost savings of £45,964.80 over three years based on the following: 5 watts for 10 hours = £0.42 per IGEL device per month x 760 = £319.20 per month. Per annum this totals £3,830.40. A competitive product using 45 watts for 10 hours is £2.10 per device per month x 760 = £1,596 per month or £19,152 per annum.

5  THE TECHNO CLUB [ TECHNOWORLDINC.COM ] / Techno News / FTTH Council Asia-Pacific focuses on smart cities... on: January 04, 2017, 04:16:03 PM
FTTH Council Asia-Pacific focuses on smart cities as it reveals 2017 conference location

Twelfth annual event will be held in India for the second time

New Delhi, India. January 4, 2017 – Smart cities and the building of digital economies will become new areas of focus for the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific, as it today announced details of its next Annual Conference and new board of directors which will take the council’s successful fiber roll-out program to the next level.

The announcement follows the success of the 2016 Annual Conference, where 428 delegates from 165 organizations, representing 33 countries, attended the event in Bangkok, which also saw the appointment of the council’s current Board of Directors.

Led by Peter Macaulay as President – assisted by Three-OPP’s Mohamed Shajahan Iqbal as Vice President and Treasurer – the board will shape the vision of the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific over the next year and set the agenda for the 2017 summit. Appointments include representatives from leading companies such as Nokia, Sterlite Technologies Limited and Sumitomo Electric Industries.

“Given the continued growth and development of FTTH and the ever-growing importance of digital infrastructure to national economies, the FTTH industry as a whole is at an important juncture,” said Peter Macaulay, President of the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific. “With more than 100 million subscribers in the Asia-Pacific region, the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific can play a leading role in defining the next steps for the industry.”

The next annual conference – which will take place in New Delhi, India, in May, 2017 – will also be boosted by the appointments of Stephen G. Foster, of Emtelle, and William Hamilton, of Ultrafast Fibre, who will head the Smart Cities Committee. The team will provide knowledge and best practices to assist with fiber infrastructure for smart city projects.

Alongside discussions about the growth and viability of smart cities across the Asia-Pacific region, the 2017 Annual Conference will also touch on elements of best practice and industry standards, as well as discussing the latest product and service offerings.

The council’s Director General Hasan Munasir Choudhury added: “Taking the Annual Conference to India will provide a great opportunity for us to discuss the role of FTTH in the region. With more than 16 million people living in the Delhi region alone, FTTH can play a key part in bringing connectivity to the masses and providing the vital services which smart cities aim to bring to the masses.”

For more information on the FTTH Council Conference & Exhibition, please visit:
6  THE TECHNO CLUB [ TECHNOWORLDINC.COM ] / Techno News / Interoute crowned Anglian Water’s champion supplier for customer service... on: January 04, 2017, 03:54:48 PM
Interoute crowned Anglian Water’s champion supplier for customer service improvement initiatives

Company awarded for driving improvements in Anglian Water’s customer relations via its innovative communications software solution

London, January 4th, 2017 - Interoute, owner-operator of one of Europe's largest, most advanced networks and global cloud services platforms, has been awarded for its contribution to Anglian Water’s Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM) programme in this year’s Anglian Water Supplier Awards. The SIM, set by industry regulator Ofwat, measures the quality of service provided by companies to their household customers, awarding a score out of 100. Interoute accepted the award for its Web Callback and CLI Lookup solutions at a ceremony in Newmarket on the 1st December.

The company’s innovative approach helped Anglian Water to provide a smooth customer communication service, with transparent call-back requests and improved customer identification for Anglian Water staff.

The Web Callback solution enables customers to request a call-back from Anglian Water’s website to discuss an issue, and receive an indication of when the call will be made. The alert service allows staff to serve urgent requests faster, and improves transparency for customers. In tandem with this, the CLI Lookup solution has transformed employees’ ability to recognise callers by matching incoming telephone numbers to their active account number. Staff can implement intelligent queueing, addressing the most urgent requests first - for example, in areas where there is a known operational issue, such as a water outage. Immediate positive feedback was received from customers, with 100% of customers surveyed by Anglian Water about the new Web Callback service scoring it the highest mark of 5 for “Very Satisfied”.

Andrew Bacon, Customer Service Manager at Anglian Water, said: “Delivering excellent customer service is at the heart of what we do and Interoute really delivered for us. Along with their partner QueueLogic they took a truly collaborative approach; understood what we wanted and why, and gave us solutions in a very challenging timescale that our customers really appreciate. A well-deserved award.”

Philip Grannum, EVP for UK sales at Interoute, said: “Interoute worked with Anglian Water to come up with solutions that would achieve a direct and visible impact on the quality of service delivered to households across the East of England. Our delivery of these two new initiatives was done collaboratively and to an aggressive timescale, paying close attention to Anglian Water’s transformation needs. We are delighted to have been recognised in this way and look forward to future projects with Anglian Water.”
7  THE TECHNO CLUB [ TECHNOWORLDINC.COM ] / Techno News / Wick Hill Feature: Delivering Secure Wi-Fi on: January 04, 2017, 03:28:05 PM
Tony Evans from Wick Hill (part of the Nuvias Group) highlights the risks of Wi-Fi and provides some advice for delivering a secure hotspot
The fact that Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity hints at how long Wi-Fi has been around, but it was only in 1999 that the Wi-Fi Alliance formed as a trade association to hold the Wi-Fi trademark, under which most products are sold. Today, Wi-Fi is on the top of the list of must-haves for businesses of all types and sizes. People will simply vote with their feet if good and, usually free, Wi-Fi is not available.

But this demand for anytime, anyplace connectivity can mean that some of us are prepared to jump onto Wi-Fi hotspots at cafes, hotel, airports or company guest networks, with only a fleeting consideration of security – a fact that has not gone unnoticed by cyber criminals. There are over 300,000 videos on YouTube alone explaining how to hack Wi-Fi users with tools easily found online.

Risks from unprotected Wi-Fi:

Wi-Fi Password Cracking
Wireless access points that still use older security protocols such as WEP, make for easy targets because these passwords are notoriously easy to crack. Hotspots that invite us to log in by simply using social network credentials are increasingly popular, as they allow businesses to use demographic information such as age, gender and occupation to target personalised content and advertisements.

Without encryption, Wi-Fi users run the risk of having their private communications intercepted, or packet sniffed, by cyber snoops while on an unprotected network.

Rogue Hotspots
Cyber criminals can set up a spoof access point near your hotspot with a matching SSID that invites unsuspecting customers to log in leaving them susceptible to unnoticed malicious code injection. In fact, it is possible to mimic a hotspot using cheap, portable hardware that fits into a backpack or could even be attached to a drone.

Planting Malware
There are common hacking toolkits to scan a Wi-Fi network for vulnerabilities, and customers who join an insecure wireless network may unwittingly walk away with unwanted malware. A common tactic used by hackers is to plant a backdoor on the network, which allows them to return at a later date to steal sensitive information.

Data Theft
Joining an insecure wireless network puts users at risk of losing documents that may contain sensitive information. In retail environments, for example, attackers focus their efforts on extracting payment details such as credit card numbers, customer identities and mailing addresses.

Inappropriate and Illegal Usage
Businesses offering guest Wi-Fi risk playing host to a wide variety of illegal and potentially harmful communications. Adult or extremist content can be offensive to neighbouring users, and illegal downloads of protected media leave the businesses susceptible to copyright infringement lawsuits.

Bad Neighbours
As the number of wireless users on the network grows, so does the risk of a pre-infected client entering the network. Mobile attacks, such as Android’s Stagefright, can spread from guest to guest, even if the initial victim is oblivious to the threat.

Best practices
There are established best practices to help secure your Wi-Fi network, alongside a drive, from companies such as WatchGuard, to extend well-proven physical network safeguards to the area of wireless, providing better network visibility to avoid blind spots.

Implementing the latest WPA2 Enterprise (802.1x) security protocol and encryption is a must, while all traffic should, at a minimum, be inspected for viruses and malware, including zero day threats and advanced persistent threats. Application ID and control will monitor and optionally block certain risky traffic, while web content filtering will prevent unsuspecting users from accidentally clicking a hyperlink that invites exploitation, malware and backdoors to be loaded into your network. The use of strong passwords, which are changed frequently, should be encouraged, along with regular scanning for rogue Access Points (APs) and whitelisting MAC addresses, when possible.

WatchGuard’s latest cloud-managed wireless access points also have built-in WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System) technology to defend against unauthorised devices, rogue APs and malicious attacks, with close to zero false positives.

While WIDs (Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems) are common in many Wi-Fi solutions, WIDs require manual intervention to respond to potential threats. This may be OK for large organisations with IT teams that can manage this, however WIPs is a fully-automated system, which makes it far more attractive to SMEs and organisations such as schools and colleges.

Using patented, Marker Packet wireless detection technology, WatchGuard WIPS differentiates between nearby external access points and rogue access points. If a rogue access point is detected, all incoming connections to that access point are instantly blocked. WIPS also keeps a record of all clients connecting to the authorised access points, so if a known device attempts to connect to a malicious access point, the connection is instantly blocked. WIPS will also shut down denial-of-service attacks by continuously looking for abnormally high amounts of de-authentication packets.

Wi-Fi as a marketing tool
While Wi-Fi networks have traditionally been viewed as part of the IT infrastructure and the responsibility of the IT department, the latest Wi-Fi systems deliver more than just connectivity, which makes them an attractive proposition for customer services and marketing departments.

For example, the WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud provides visibility into marketing data, including insights into footfall and customer demographics and also makes it possible to have direct communication with individual customers in the form of SMS, MMS or social networks. And with customised splash pages, businesses can personalise the customer Wi-Fi experiences by offering promotional opportunities or surveys and promoting all-important branding.

It is clear that Wi-Fi is here to stay and is becoming much more than simply a way to get online. While the rapid speed of Wi-Fi adoption has led to a disconnect between physical and wireless security, this is now changing and there is no longer any excuse for providing insecure Wi-Fi.
8  THE TECHNO CLUB [ TECHNOWORLDINC.COM ] / Techno News / Quortus enables Telecom26's Global Mobile Services Platform on: January 04, 2017, 03:21:21 PM
Integrated roaming, security and enhanced data services

Camberley, UK, and Zug, Switzerland – 4th January 2017 – Quortus today announced that its EdgeCentrix (ECX) technology is deployed at a global scale to enable the Global Mobile Services Platform of Swiss mobile service provider Telecom26 AG. Telecom26 provides customers with “anywhere-you-go” access to over 700 global networks with no need to swap SIM cards and near real-time reporting and control of mobile services.

Telecom26 enables global enterprises to manage their mobile subscriptions in a similar way to MVNOs. The company offers a highly differentiated solution for corporate users that goes far beyond what can be offered by a single MNO. ECX technology plays a key role in enabling that shift, providing the underlying network intelligence that makes these services possible.

The Telecom26 Mobile Services Platform combines security, mobility, and global connectivity into a single powerful system that is used by subscribers around the world. The Global Mobile Services Platform is designed to provide control of subscriber subscriptions, mobile services, and SIMs roaming worldwide.

“Our work with Telecom26 demonstrates the scalability of Quortus’ ECX technology, allowing it to support mobile operator networks globally,” said Andy Odgers, Quortus CEO. “We are delighted to be providing key components for such an innovative, forward-thinking network platform, enabling all out-roaming for subscribers via different partners in over 99% of countries worldwide.”

Michael Ashdown, Telecom26 CEO, commented: “Virtualization is changing the way in which telecommunication networks are deployed. Quortus’ ECX technology allows us, as a network operator, greater agility to rapidly deploy increased functionality using standard hardware. We’re impressed with Quortus’ ability to support us in tailoring a solution to our specific requirements, allowing us to develop services that benefit our customers wherever they are in the world.”

Telecom26’s offering consists of a fully integrated legacy core network and EPC providing GSM, 3G and LTE services. Through a set of APIs and a web interface, subscriptions and mobile services are entirely manageable. In addition, online and offline charging functions provide near real-time reporting and control of mobile services. The platform is designed to provide solutions for MNOs, MVNE/MVNOs, enterprises, and VAS Mobile Service Providers. It is designed to integrate into mobile networks and solutions to enhance and augment existing mobile service offerings.

Quortus’ ECX technology distils core network functionality into software. It not only reduces the cost of network deployments, but also is scalable and flexible enough to allow core intelligence to be placed where it is needed most. It is deployment-proven in a range of settings including enterprises and remote locations, on both public and private networks.
9  THE TECHNO CLUB [ TECHNOWORLDINC.COM ] / Techno News / Car accident claims dominate mobile scam calls in 2016, according to Hiya... on: December 30, 2016, 08:22:16 PM
Car accident claims dominate mobile scam calls in 2016, according to Hiya’s own research

London, 30 December 2016 - Scammers are increasing the number of calls where they claim ‘our records show you’ve been in a car accident’, according to call-blocking and caller ID Company, Hiya ( These types of calls were the most reported scams of 2016, says Hiya, closely followed by PPI calls, and calls claiming you’ve won a prize.

The car accident scam peaked in October - the worst month of the year for mobile phone scams overall – with growth of 84% in the period January to November. PPI scam claims peaked in November and saw an 81% growth over the year. The UK leads Europe in that it has the highest percentage of nuisance calls, at a significant 13% of all calls placed.

“Defrauding people is big business, which is why the number of scam calls continues to grow and more elaborate schemes appear,” says Alex Algard, CEO of Hiya. “Scammers are getting more sophisticated. They mask the calls by using common area codes so people answer them. Our advice is to be careful and trust your instinct. If an offer sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”

The year in review:

• Newcomer scam of the year: ‘Lucky Winner’
• Worst month for phone scams: October
• Scam that declined over the year: Betting, down 240% from Jan-Nov, peaked in March

Worst area code offenders:

1. (020) London
2. (0161) Manchester
3. (0141) Glasgow
4. (0113) Leeds
5. (0121) Birmingham
6. (01922) Walsall
7. (01268) Basildon
8. (0151) Liverpool
9. (0115) Nottingham
10. (01792) Swansea

Top Scams in the UK:

1. Car accident claims, 84% growth over the year, peaked in October
2. PPI scam calls, 81% growth over the year, peaked in November
3. Lucky winner, 64% growth over the year, peaked in October
4. Loan scams, 85% growth over the year, peaked in August
5. All inclusive holiday compensation, 91% growth over the year, peaked in October
10  THE TECHNO CLUB [ TECHNOWORLDINC.COM ] / Techno News / Roshan signs service agreement with SpeedCast to provide Cellular Backhauling... on: December 23, 2016, 03:51:02 PM
Roshan signs service agreement with SpeedCast to provide Cellular Backhauling support in Afghanistan

Sydney, Australia, December 23, 2016
- SpeedCast International Limited (ASX: SDA), a leading global satellite communications and network service provider, today announced that it has been awarded a multi-year service agreement by Roshan, Afghanistan's leading telecommunications provider, to upgrade its cellular backhaul network to support 3G services over satellite in Zabul province in southwestern Afghanistan. Roshan has more than 6.5 million active subscribers across 287 districts and cities in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

“With the upgraded network, operators like Roshan can provide new and better service offerings to end users by providing reliable and scalable connectivity. Once customers have access to better connectivity, it inevitably leads to a rapid increase in bandwidth demand. The new backhaul network over satellite also allows operators to explore and develop new business opportunities and revenue streams, such as offering broadband and managed network solutions to banks, governments and home users using VSAT”, said PJ Beylier, CEO of SpeedCast.

“This is our first 3G backhaul service deployment in Afghanistan” Mr. Beylier commented. “This win provides us a strong foothold in the growing cellular backhaul market in the Middle East, as mobile operators and service providers are upgrading their service capacity to meet the surging data adoption in both the enterprise and consumer markets. SpeedCast sees cellular backhaul as an important growth driver for us as telecommunication providers continue to expand coverage into remote areas”, he added.

SpeedCast’s cellular backhaul suite of solutions, under the CelCast™ name, are designed to optimize satellite traffic in telecommunication environments, lowering the total cost of ownership and bringing unrivalled quality of service to its customers’ networks.
11  THE TECHNO CLUB [ TECHNOWORLDINC.COM ] / Techno News / HUBER+SUHNER help provide accurate satellite navigation as EU project Galileo... on: December 22, 2016, 04:18:33 PM
HUBER+SUHNER help provide accurate satellite navigation as EU project Galileo goes live

Herisau, 22 December 2016. Project Galileo, a joint initiative of the EU and European Space Agency (ESA), has gone live, with global connectivity supplier HUBER+SUHNER on-board. The Switzerland-based company is supplying radio frequency components to the project, and following an extensive testing period and 17 years of development, the Galileo system went live last week with the aim to supply the world’s most accurate satellite navigation technology.

Galileo provides better positioning navigation, unique accuracy, and faster detection of emergency beacon signals, helping rescue teams when every minute matters. Users around the world can now access a highly accurate, guaranteed global positioning service under civilian control.

HUBER+SUHNER currently supplies more than 4,500 radio frequency components to Thales Alenia Space in Italy for a number of the Galileo satellites, which use HUBER+SUHNER adapters to connect the antennas to the active satellite components. The adapters have an MMBX standard connector at one end and a special HUBER+SUHNER customisation for direct soldering onto the antenna at the other end.

“The ever-growing importance and dependence of satellite navigation applications for both businesses and European citizens makes the potential disruption of a satellite navigation service unacceptable,” said Patric Keller, Aerospace+Defense Market Unit Manager at HUBER+SUHNER. “To ensure that all components could withstand the harsh environment of space, they had to pass a wide variety of vibration, tensile and temperature tests. We subjected adapters to temperature cycles ranging from -120°C up to +120°C over several months to ensure the required performance level could be achieved.”

With 18 Galileo satellites in orbit and the supporting ground infrastructure, Galileo is now available for use by public authorities, businesses and citizens. The project is also mutually compatible with American GPS and the Russian Glonass navigation system.

HUBER+SUHNER is providing connectors that are capable of transferring the highest power level required. Once installed and in space, the antennas, equipped with HUBER+SUHNER adapters, send position data to Earth that is then used to pinpoint the location of individuals or objects.

The first services to be offered by Galileo include the Open Service, the Public Regulated Service and the Search and Rescue Service. The Open Service is a free mass-market service that can be used by Galileo-enabled chipsets in smartphones or in-car navigation systems. The Search and Rescue Service is Europe’s contribution to an international emergency beacon locating system that can help to rescue people in distress. The Public Regulated Service is fully robust and encrypted to provide service continuity for government users during national emergencies or crisis situations.

“Galileo going live is excellent news for anyone who wants to benefit from the improved accuracy, reliability, availability and coverage that Galileo satellites are bringing,” said Patric. “Quality products were understandably the highest priority for the ESA and our aerospace industry expertise and many years of experience made us a natural fit for the project, which we are proud to be a part of. ESA’s endorsement of HUBER+SUHNER is a clear demonstration of the company’s quality development and manufacturing process.”

For more information visit
12  THE TECHNO CLUB [ TECHNOWORLDINC.COM ] / Techno News / Newtec Announces Record Growth And Senior Leadership Change on: December 21, 2016, 09:37:43 PM
Revenue growth of 62% since 2013 has been achieved by Newtec

SINT-NIKLAAS, Belgium, 21 December 2016. Newtec - a specialist in designing, developing and manufacturing equipment and technologies for satellite communications - today announced record revenue and profitability growth figures, including revenue growth of 62% since 2013 and 26% year-on-year in 2016, demonstrating that the company is gaining market share in all geographies and focused vertical markets.

Newtec also announced today that after ten years of dedicated and successful leadership CEO Serge Van Herck has decided to resign and move his career in another direction. Newtec is grateful to Van Herck for his leadership over the past decade and wishes him all the best with his new undertakings.

Newtec’s Board of Directors has appointed Thomas Van den Driessche, who was named Chief Commercial Officer four years ago, to succeed Van Herck as CEO, effective from January 1, 2017.

Dirk Breynaert, Co-founder of Newtec, said: “We appointed Serge ten years ago, with the goal of taking Newtec to the next level and it is great that we have been able to achieve such success. I am grateful that Serge leaves behind a well-coached team that will be able to further realize our growth ambitions." 

Van Herck said: “It has been an honor and a privilege to lead such a great team for the past ten years and I congratulate all Newtec colleagues for the impressive achievements we have been able to realize. I thank Dirk and Jean-Marie Maes, our company’s founders, for the unique opportunity they gave me to lead this team. Last but not least, I want to thank all of Newtec’s customers and business partners for providing us with their trust and business.”

Newtec’s new CEO Thomas Van den Driessche added: “We are all looking forward to continuing on the strategic path that steers Newtec and our customers alike. There are so many common goals that lift the whole of our industry. It is this excitement that is fueling our results and motivating our team."

After years of successful building, resulting in the market-driven and product-leading company that Newtec has become, Van Herck concluded: “I am happy that I can hand over Newtec's management to the capable hands of Thomas Van den Driessche. Thomas has extensive experience, strategic vision, strong technology understanding and leadership skills. I am very confident that Newtec has a bright future ahead.”

The Newtec’s Board of Directors, Van Herck and Van den Driessche are committed to a smooth transition that will pave the way to meeting Newtec's goals in 2017 and beyond.
13  THE TECHNO CLUB [ TECHNOWORLDINC.COM ] / Techno News / Prysmian: Launch Of The Second Edition Of "Make It", The Recruiting Programme... on: December 21, 2016, 06:17:42 PM
Prysmian: Launch Of The Second Edition Of "Make It", The Recruiting Programme For Engineers With Operations Experience

A Great Success For The First Edition, With 50 Professionals Recruited Worldwide

Milan, 21 December 2016 – Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, is launching the second edition of the “Make It” recruiting programme, aimed at scouting new talents for its production plants worldwide.

After the great success achieved in the first edition, which received over 6,000 applications and led to the recruitment of 50 professionals, this year the Group continues to search for process, maintenance, design and quality engineers, as well as other technical specialists. The profiles required include a degree in engineering, or equivalent, and about 3-7 years work experience obtained in similar positions in a previous professional context, a good command of English and leadership skills.

“In Prysmian we believe strongly in young people because they represent the future, and our goal is to enhance them so that they can achieve their full potential. It is within this framework that Make It, combined with our Build the Future graduate programme, is just one of the many schemes that allow us to tap into the talent that can really make a difference for us,” stated Fabrizio Rutschmann, HR & Organisation SVP. Ongoing learning, training and the opportunity for real and concrete professional growth are the key elements underpinning the company’s philosophy and an extensive human capital development strategy.

Through a four-year professional pathway, “Make It” offers a top training scheme involving the Prysmian Group Academy, which will focus on further developing the skills essential for the career of the candidates selected. The programme will include a one week induction in the Group’s new Milan headquarters and two weeks of training in the Manufacturing Academy in Mudanya (Turkey), a specialist centre - recently inaugurated in one of the Group’s major plants - that will allow training from highly specialised personnel.

The selection process will be open up to the end of March and the induction into the Group is expected in June 2017.

With 88 plants and various centres of excellence distributed throughout 33 countries, Prysmian Group represents an organisation committed to ongoing industrial investment - amounting to about €200 million a year - which makes it a world leader in its sector, particularly in key submarine cable and optical fibre segments.

Further information on the “Make It” programme visit, people & careers section.
14  THE TECHNO CLUB [ TECHNOWORLDINC.COM ] / Techno News / oneM2M Technical Plenary and Working Groups' representatives... on: December 21, 2016, 06:02:21 PM
oneM2M Technical Plenary and Working Groups' representatives to build on progress following elections

Sophia Antipolis, France, 21 December 2016:
oneM2M, the global standards partnership for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications and the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced its elected leadership team for 2017, with representatives of Nokia, Deutsche Telekom, LG Electronics and Qualcomm among those taking roles.

Following an election earlier this month, Dr. Omar Elloumi, of Nokia, was re-elected to the position of Technical Plenary Chair. Vice-chairs include Dr. Josef Blanz, of Qualcomm, who was newly elected, and Roland Hechwartner, of Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile, and Ki Young Kim, of LG Electronics, who were re-elected. The Technical Plenary oversees all oneM2M technical activities and has overall responsibility for the organisation’s technical work.

The new leadership team members, who officially took their posts on December 15, 2016, will be tasked with continuing to drive the oneM2M standard forward and build on the progress already made in developing a truly interoperable IoT ecosystem through standardisation.

“oneM2M has made significant strides towards advancing the IoT and I’m delighted to have been re-elected as the Technical Plenary Chair,” said Elloumi. “The Technical Plenary and Working Groups are made up of individuals who have a vast amount of experience within the industry and I have no doubt we will continue to build on the steps made this year.”

Notable achievements for oneM2M this year included the publication of its highly anticipated Release 2. The new release opens up the IoT ecosystem to even more devices thanks to new features such as data exchange between devices that lack the IoT protocol; end-to-end secure information exchange between devices and servers, addressing security; and semantic interoperability, enabling meaningful data exchange.

oneM2M’s second and third interoperability events also took place in 2016, giving companies using oneM2M standards the opportunity to validate interoperability and test end-to-end functionality via oneM2M interfaces. In addition, CEN, the European Committee for Standardisation, and CENELEC, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation, joined the group as new partners earlier this year.

In addition to the Technical Plenary elections, the Chair and Vice-chairs of the REQ, ARC and TST Working Groups were confirmed. Shelby Kiewel, of iconectiv, was re-elected Chair of the REQ Working Group and will be joined by Vice-chairs Dr. Victor Kueh, of Huawei Technologies, and Catalina Mladin, of Convida Wireless. They will be tasked with identifying and documenting use cases and service system requirements.

Re-elected Chair of the ARC Working Group, Nicolas Damour, of Sierra Wireless, will oversee development of the architecture for oneM2M and will be assisted by Vice-chairs SeungMyeong Jeong, of KETI, and Dale Seed, of Convida Wireless. Additionally, Prof. JaeSeung Song, of KETI, has been re-appointed Chair of the TST Working Group. He will be joined by Jiaxin Yin, of Huawei Technologies, and Dr. Mahdi Ben Alaya, of Sensinov, who have both been re-elected as Vice-chairs. The TST Working Group is where test requirements for the oneM2M system will be identified and defined.

For more information about oneM2M visit
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