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 Are You The Next Super Adsense Earner?
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Author Topic: Are You The Next Super Adsense Earner?  (Read 2706 times)
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Are You The Next Super Adsense Earner?
« Posted: February 22, 2007, 09:55:05 PM »

Are You The Next "Super Adsense Earner?"

The other day we discussed on the 3 basic yet important traits of ?Super? Adsense Earner ought to have before reaching the mega buck stage. By examining that group of super achievers for Adsense, we also discovered that they do utilize and planned out their strategy before hand, and improve it continuously.

These highly effective groups of professionals have systematic strategy in place that creates a network of sites for them. They would even go to the extend of outsourcing and automating majority of the little yet tedious tasks such as blogging, mass web page building?etc.

Oh yeah, not forgetting in the area of ?Keyword? mining too. Often, they also don't look at the lowly paid keywords. Instead they would target their attention on higher paying keywords so that the investment return on their time and investment is well maximized.

For us the ordinary layman, we would not be able to follow everything single things these ?Elite? AdSense earners would do. But that's not the end for us too; we too can roll out some of the strategies in building up our income generating sites. Let's see what the areas that we could (or at least) do to help ourselves:-

1. Tap on latest tools or software available online.

A lot of people have the thinking that those ?Elite? Adsense earners are from MARS!! No way buddies, they are of no smarter than us the layman or average person. To me own surprise too, they are just another guy next door, doing normal things like you and me.

Some related websites to Optimize your website for Search Engines

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But?.they are much smarter than us in one strategy, they truly utilized the latest tools or software available. They tap it to automate most of the very tedious tasks involved in building up their network of sites. They researched on the latest and best keyword, website creation tactic, and SE Optimization tools available to help themselves. These tools they are using are their ?Secret Weapons?. Hey, everyone has their own ?secret weapon?, find the one that best suit your strategy and utilize it.

2. Let go Fancy Feature

More often than not, people tend to try creates some fancy feature or graphic. Don't do that. Please keep your sites as easy and simple in navigation process. When visitors come to your site, your main objective is to get them to navigate and reach the ads. Don't let the fancy graphics distract their attention.

Well, of course you can integrate those fancy features in your site, if you are just building the AdSense websites for fun or to impress others. Keep in mind that the primary purpose of building this type of Adsense site is to have visitors' attention on the ads, and finally click on the ads, right?

If your primary objective is generating income thru Adsense, then please keep your site layout as simple as possible. Forget about the colorful banners, fancy scrolling features?etc. Those are simple distraction to your valuable visitors.

But, I am not saying that you just simply put up a blank page filled with Adsense ads only. Don't get me wrong either. You still need to have those basic functions of a proper running website. Those are the basic features that a properly managed website ought to have.

3. Zoom In Your Own Niche Area.

Nobody could be expert in everything. So, choose your own area and concentrate on that. Of course, you may choose a broader subject or general topic as your main theme. Then, break it down to small little sub area. Example, some like to cook, so maybe we could target on cooking as general topic. Then the sub areas could well be Italian style, French, Scottish, Spicy Thailand Food, Japanese Sushi?etc. Break it down to many sub area as you could think of.

In this way, not only you could build hundreds of web pages or sites surrounding one key theme and yet able to be focused on it. In long term, this strategy could help to you're your burden in trying to find topics for your websites.

After you feel that you had explored all possible sub area for the main key topic, move on to build another main theme. Keep repeating this process. Don't keep yourself stuck at the same site unless there is a major flaw that needs to be rectified as soon. Treat it as a completed project that only need periodic review. Move on to build your network.

4. Quit chasing the Mega Dollar keywords.

Please buddies, you cannot and would not be able to compete with those SE experts who could create highly optimized websites aiming for the $100 payout keywords. Yes, you may get lucky once awhile but not in the long run. Not to waste your valuable sweat and tear, you would be better off concentrating on building websites for keywords with lower or mid-range payout.

For these lower and mid-range payouts keywords, the competition should be much lesser than those of extreme high range. Over the long term, your chance of success with Google Adsense would be much higher.

So, what do you think my valuable readers? Starts to do some researches and decides on your own targeted area. Utilize all the best tools available and pick the one the best suite you.

And finally, treat it like you loved one, your lovable business that is. You will reach your goal thru it if you stay focused and consistent. Remember the old saying, ?Rome is not built in one day?.

Get Your Business listed in Biz Network Directory for business leads. Network sites consist Web Resources Search and Business Info Center are also business platforms.


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