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 5 Steps to Remove Spyware for Free
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Author Topic: 5 Steps to Remove Spyware for Free  (Read 2512 times)
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5 Steps to Remove Spyware for Free
« Posted: August 20, 2007, 12:01:13 PM »

5 Steps to Remove Spyware for Free

Have you ever tried to remove Spyware off your PC only tofind out it never left or it came back? Tired of all thoseannoying Popups, Viruses, and Ads on your system day in andday out? Well, listen closely because the day has come toremove Spyware programs and Viruses - forever!

I will give you some very useful tricks and tips to removeSpyware and Viruses for good! Follow closely:

Steps to Remove Spyware, Viruses, and Adware

1. There are many types of software available today thatclaim to remove spyware off our system, but which one REALLYdoes the job? What you need is software that not only willremove spyware, but TOTALLY removes it for good and keeps itoff. After searching for the best of the best, here is THEBEST: Panda Online Scan. Why? It does not constantly runon your system, slowing it down and using bunches of memory!In other words, it runs from Panda on the web, then searchesyour whole system, will remove spyware and other bugs, thengives detailed info on the bug and tells you how to keep itoff your system! Here is the address to get started:

It only installs a few plug-ins to run on your system, andno full installation!

2. Check your system services and systray items! Thebiggest mistake people make is never checking what programsare running in the background or memory of the system. A keystep to remove spyware from your system is knowing this.Without knowing these things, you probably have bugs runningon your system, and never know it! Why? They like to hide!Download and install a program called HIJACK THIS. It tellsyou exactly what is running and what is not running so youknow exactly what might be hiding behind closed doors! Hereis the address for this:

3. Shutdown the SYSTEM RESTORE! (Windows XP)

Spyware and Viruses attach themselves to your system'srestore files. This is an easy way for them to hide, evenafter you reinstall Windows! Right click on 'MY COMPUTER',then click on 'Properties'. Look for a tab on top called'System Restore', and click there. Check the box that says'Turn off system restore on all drives'. Click 'APPLY',then 'OK'. That's it!

4. Use an Anonymous IP address when surfing the web!

This is a huge step in keeping bugs off your system forever!Bugs get onto your system and retrieve info about you bycapturing your IP address. Your IP address tells everyonewho you are, where you're located, your system info, whatkind of Windows you use, your browser, etc. An anonymous IPhides your IP by using an Anonymous address and makes youinvisible to everyone, including Spyware and Ads! Here is anaddress to a good proxy list:

Please follow these instructions carefully for MicrosoftInternet Explorer:

a) Scroll down on the page from the above link. On thelist, look at the numbers listed under IP:Port Host name.Make sure the uptime on the right is at least 97 to 99 %.

b) Go to the Control Panel in Windows.

c) Open up ' Internet Options'.

d) Click on the 'Connections' tab on top.

e) Click on 'LAN Settings'.

f) Put a check-mark where it says PROXY SERVER.

g) In the Address box, copy and paste the IP address listedon the proxy list (for example: - These arethe numbers shown BEFORE the ':' (semi-colon).

h) Copy and paste the port number into the PORT box (forexample: '80' - the number immediately after thesemi-colon).

i) Click OK, and OK again to close, and close everything.

j) Go ahead and open up your browser and try surfing theinternet to test.

Thats it! You are now surfing invisibly!

For the Firefox browser:

a) Open up the browser and go to 'TOOLS' then 'OPTIONS'.

b) Go to 'GENERAL' on the left, then click the 'ConnectionSettings' button below.

c) Choose 'Manual' proxy config from the choices.

d) Check the 'use the same proxy' checkbox.

e) In the 'HTTP Proxy' box, copy and paste the anonymous IP,and the PORT number in the PORT box (remove the zero first).

f) Click OK, then OK again to close.

g) Now test your browser by surfing the web.

You are now invisible.

**note - if your browsing gets super slow or has a problem,look for another IP and Port number on the list and tryagain. Most of the time the proxies from Mexico work best.Happy surfing! The free proxy list can be found here:

5. Download and install the new FIREFOX browser!

Please get rid of Microsoft Internet Explorer on yoursystem! It is like a pipe that feeds Spyware, Ads andViruses onto your system. There are just too many holesthere letting everything in. Mozilla is a fairly new companythat introduced a new breed of browser that blocks popups,and tries hard to keep these bugs off your system. It hasvery few or even NO holes or pipes to let the bugs in! Manypeople use it for this very reason, and it has a great look,better speed, and lets you change the theme of it! Awesome!Here is the address:

Well that about sums up how to remove spyware in 5 steps.Follow them CLOSELY and you will see how great it is to surfvirus free Forever! Guaranteed!

For more tips, tricks, and secrets on protecting your PC and making it run faster and without problems, sign up on our mailing list at: remove spyware


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